Techrail is a community of people who want to build something useful in the Open Source space.

A little history

This community started off as a small set of about 10-12 people whom I (Vaibhav) contacted in a Discord Server. We came together to make the first version of Devta. Since I have been one of the people who got benefitted by Open Source, I wrote a post on Reddit requesting people to join us in making useful open source software while also getting experience and improving their profile. A lot of people joined and some of us have since then been working sincerely on a few ideas which we think fill an existing gap.

What is it all about

We at Techrail do not want to create just another piece of software for the sake of creating. We instead want to fill a gap that exists. For example nobody wants yet another library management system but there is a room for a good logging library which can save your logs to PostgreSQL.

We try to ensure that we are not only learning, but are also solving unique new problems that improve the way we live, in maybe a tiny way.

What kind of software does Techrail work on

We work on different type of software which spans across backend and frontend and mobile. Each of the problems are something that I have been passionate about solving and like minded people can work on any project that interests them. We are also eager to learn about new ideas.

A couple of those we have already highlighted in form of bark and Devta but there are others that require more work and there are some that have not yet been started because we are less number of people.

How do you work

Techrail mostly consists of a couple of experience developers and a few who are just starting out. We hold a daily call approximately at 9:00 p.m. on each week day and discuss about the project status, we assign tasks to each other, talk about enhancements and new ideas. This daily call has really helped us keep connected and keep the pace. It is one of the reasons why we have been able to progress that fast.

Who all are invited?

If you can code, test, design or document software, you are invited. If you aren’t sure, and need mentoring or discussion, we would hear you and try to help you (irrespective of whether you wanna work on our projects or anything else). If you are just another user who isn’t into software development process, you are invited too - you might be the user who can pinpoint our mistakes and bugs and give us the right questions to wonder about.

In short, as long as you are not a mischievous element, you are welcome.

If you are on mobile

If you are on a mobile and viewing this site, the sidebar must be invisible to you. Here is the menu to guide you a bit with navigation:

  1. Authors - Lists the authors who write here.
  2. Knowledge Base - Some useful articles related to tech.
  3. Projects - Some projects under Techrail umbrella which are listed on this site.
  4. Deviam - The Virtual Machine made for Go Workshop for easy development.

Important note about search engines

We have placed rules in our robots.txt file that disallow ChatGPT and Bing crawlers from accessing our content. We have done so because we are against the plagiarism done by ChatGPT and Microsoft (since OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT is 49% owned by Microsoft) from the content world over to make a commercial product without consent or awareness of authors worldwide. And since Microsoft owns almost half of OpenAI and the terms of cooperation between them are unknown, we have disallowed all known Microsoft crawlers from this site. As a result content from this site would not be available on ChatGPT and Bing and any search engines that depend on Bing (such as DuckDuckGo and Ecosia). If you are able to access any content on this site using any of those systems, please let us know (you can message us on Discord or Create a issue on this site’s repository).

You can visit our projects on GitHub or connect with us on Discord.