If you have used Linux for some time and have ever searched for solutions around taking backups of entire disks, you would have come across the tool called dd which originally was intended as an abbreviation for Data Definition but is actually also famous as Disk Destroyer because of the ability to destroy data on the disk (if you make a mistake in providing the parameters).

I personally refer to dd as the "disk dump" tool because that's what I and many others use it for

In the past, dd would not show the details about the amount of data it had written. For that, you would have to go to an activity monitor that can show it. macOS’s built-in Activity Monitor app does that. On Linux, you could use one of the various task managers available and on Windows you’ve had the “Resource Monitor” app for a while too.

However, for most modern versions, you can just add the status=progress to the command to see the progress. You can see how it looks on mac (it looks the same on Linux too)

I hope that helps!